Board of Directors

Stefan Aschwanden, Director a.i.

Barbara Karl (absent), projects

Visitor Services + Administration

Pia Zweifel, head of visitor services and administration

Angela Graf, visitor services

Franziska Rupf, volunteer

Luzia Schindler, visitor services and shop


Annina Weber, education

Communication + Publications

Silvia Gross, communication

Seraina Füllemann, trainee


Judith Fuchs, library

Collections + Exhibitions

Ilona Kos, curator

Claudia Schmid, registrar

Annina Weber, curator

Christine Freydl-Kuster, staff

Jacques Weil, volunteer

Conservation – Restauration

Claudia Merfert, restorer

Rita Cordey, volunteer

Hand Embroidery Maschine

Maria Weber, hand embroidery maschine

Facility Management

Franco Della Libera, facitily management