Textile Library

The Textile Library´s special collections today comprise over 2,000 sample books with textile patterns from Swiss companies. The over 2 million originals document machine embroidery from the late 19th and early 20th centuries – the golden age of embroidery industry in St. Gallen. In addition there are sample books for textile prints, weavings, straw plaiting, bobbin lace, passements, wallpaper, as well as designs. Fashion photographs and drawings, katazome, nature studies, various legacies, and a stamp collection on the theme “textiles” supplement the collection.

The Textile Library´s open stacks include publications on lace and embroidery as well as media on materials, fashion, fashion design, fashion drawing, ornamentation, textile printing, wallpaper, textile industry, carpets, textile art, traditional costumes, and weaving. These are complemented by further subjects related to design, creativity and art such as accessories, botany, color, photography, graphic arts, needlework, heraldry, illustration, art theory, land art, nature, sculpture, quilts, typography, habitation, and zoology.