The Textile Museum St. Gallen Foundation

The Textile Museum Foundation was founded in 2018 and tasked with responsibility for the museum building, the art collections and the remaining assets of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Foundation St. Gallen-Appenzell. It is a non-profit organisation that provides, preserves and maintains the infrastructure and art collections, with operation of the museum turned over to the Textile Museum Association. The museum is supported with an annual contribution from the assets of the Foundation. On this basis, the Textile Museum Foundation ensures that the Textile Museum and the textile city of St. Gallen will remain attractive destinations far into the future.

Renovating the Textile Museum

The Board of Trustees of the Foundation

Carmen Fleisch-Otten

Roland Bentele
Heinrich Christen
Tobias Forster
Peter Kriemler
Martin Leuthold
Isabel Schorer
Matthias Tischhauser
Silvan Wildhaber