Schools in the Textile Museum

They are (literally) close to us, we can’t do without them, yet we take them for granted: in everyday life textiles are accorded immense importance and nonetheless what we know about this fascinating topic is often just superficial. The Textile Museum has set itself the task of informing the public on fibres, fabrics and clothing, and of giving children and youngsters access to this theme in a way appropriate to their age. Creative processes, production techniques and materials are covered, as are issues relating to globalisation, production and labour conditions, sustainability and consumption. Of course, the history of textiles in Eastern Switzerland is an important theme in terms of cultural education in the Textile Museum. Our offerings include exhibition, tours and workshops, with the emphasis on doing.  Entrance to the museum is free of charge for schoolchildren up to the age of 18 as well as for teachers.


Taking as our starting point young persons’ specific lives and experiences, we organise exhibition tours for children and youngsters in a dialogue-oriented format. The one-hour events are free of charge for schools from St. Gallen city and canton, while for all others there is a charge per tour of 120 CHF.


Our workshops allow for a hands-on engagement with textile-related issues. They offer schoolchildren the chance to engage more deeply with a given theme and to become active participants themselves. Detailed information on our offering can be found here.

Fibre Cabinet

The Fibre Cabinet provides detailed information on the most important textile fibres and takes as its theme the complexity of textile production processes and the fibre-specific problems in terms of sustainability down the value-added chain. Visitors are encouraged to explore by means of illustrative material, samples to be felt and touched, and hands-on stations.

Textile and Design Laboratory

For some years the Textile Museum has taken part in Art & Handiwork, an extra-curricular activity provided by the city of St. Gallen. Led by textile designer Susanne Trinkler , participating schoolchildren experiment with materials and textile techniques.

Information + Registration

Those interested in our tours and workshops are asked to kindly contact us by telephone or email.   Should you wish to visit the Textile Museum, for organisational reasons we ask that you register your class in advance.

We are very sorry, but our regular school programs are held in German. For further information on our educational activities, please check the German version of our website. Or contact us directly:

Annina Weber

+41 71 228 00 12

Thank you

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