Guided tours

Private tours

Come and visit the Textile Museum with a private tour! These are on offer in German, English and French, and can be arranged outside of regular opening hours, too. The size of the group is limited to 25 persons, though several tours can take place simultaneously.


A one-hour tour on work-days between 10 am and 5 pm costs 120 CHF. For tours on Sundays and public holidays, as well as tours between 5 pm and 7 pm, an additional fee of 30 CHF per tour is charged. Evening tours which end around or after 7.30 pm cost 200 CHF. Prices do not include admission to the museum, which is charged per participant. Private guided tours are possible by appointment only.


+41 71 228 00 10


Public tours
Besides private tours, we also regularly offer public guided tours of exhibitions. These take place each first Sunday of the month at 11 am and can be visited without prior registration. Dates for these tours can be found in our events calendar.


Tours of the Tröckneturm
Upon request we organise tours of the Tröckneturm, a striking building from the golden era of the textile industry. The tour costs 200 CHF plus entrance charge and can be booked through the Textile Museum Visitors’ Service.


Textilland Ostschweiz

Eastern Switzerland is a real “textile country”. For a long time it was one of the world’s most important and largest export areas for embroidery products. Around 1910, more than half of the world’s production came from Eastern Switzerland, and embroidery was the largest export branch of the entire Swiss economy with a share of around one fifth.

It conveys the formative influence of the textile industry on the city and region in a simple and exciting way. For those interested in culture and architecture who want to see St. Gallen in a new light, this app is a personal and individual tour guide through the impressive textile heritage of the city. It works via GPS location services, and once it has been installed it can also be used offline without WiFi.