T’is – t’is not

The St.Gallen children’s festival

11.02.2015 – 09.08.2015

Embroidery production played a defining role in the life of St.Gallen from 1800 onwards, thus it is no surprise that embroidery is a significant part of the famous St.Gallen children’s festival. Since 1824, children and youths dressed in festive white clothing have paraded through the city in early summer. Today, the triennial parade may be more colourful, but the school children of St.Gallen still invest much time in the preparations. The exhibition “s’isch – s’isch nöd” (T’is – t’is not) focuses on the history and present of the triennial St.Gallen children’s festival, which will take place again in 2015 between May and July.

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