Museum Concept

The basis of the international appeal of the museum is its firm embedding in Switzerland’s long-standing textile tradition. The unique collections of the Textile Museum are the foundation for international exhibitions and also serve to inspire textile professionals and their latest creations. It is firmly anchored in the Swiss textiles sector which, for several centuries, shaped Switzerland´s economic and social fabric.

Exhibitions as well as all collection activities are dedicated systematically to all branches and regions of Swiss textile production, although the core competence lies in the areas of embroidery and lace.

The preservation and expansion of the collections and library as well as scholarly research form a central aspect of work in the Textile Museum and keep the collections alive.

The museum uses its exhibitions and educational program to make the world of textiles accessible to a broad public and to convey respect for the creative, technical, and commercial achievements of individuals or collectives. By means of participatory projects, visitors are given the chance to contribute their own knowledge. Cooperation with schools is especially important to the museum.

The Textile Museum was founded as a sample collection for the textile industry. It wishes to follow in this tradition as a platform for textile specialists, for designers, manufacturers, and customers, serving inspiration and public discussion. Cooperation with the Swiss Textile Federation and the technical colleges should be supported.

It examines social questions, both past and present, through design and fashion.

It establishes a link between the technical and stylistic developments in textiles and other areas in the applied arts and technology and makes it visible as part of a cultural overall development.

The museum addresses current developments in the field of textiles as well as questions regarding larger historical contexts.

Its internationally significant collections represent a benchmark in the public mind. The Textile Museum is an important attraction for the tourist destination St. Gallen.

The museum seeks to be firmly anchored among the public through its Museum Society.