All You canNOT Eat

12.04.2024 – 13.10.2024

The exhibition All You CanNOT Eat is modelled on a restaurant in which nothing edible or drinkable is on offer. Based on the collection at the Textilmuseum St. Gallen, the tables are laid by various guests with exhibits that depict food.

Different epochs, social classes and tastes encounter one another, creating connections. Human consumption of food is a fleeting moment. Human beings must absorb food and drink before it goes off and decays. What is eaten and drunk is removed from the social context by the act of consumption. To soften and prevent this ‘disappearance’, what is edible is shown and so recorded.

By means of an exhibition and series of events, All You CanNOT Eat investigates table culture in terms of fake food. In addition, prints and imitations of consumables in fashion are examined. 

Participatory project with the involvement of Association Verdre, Marta Birt, Beni Bischof, Tatiana Boiko, Kristina Bucheli, Julie Chauland, Collective Swallow by Anaïs Marti, Estelle Gassmann, Sven Gex, Sarena Huizinga, Infantium Victoria by Dinie van den Heuvel, Terézia Krnáčová, Lapidar (Jessica Celis, Salomon Elsler, Elena Völkle, Nadine Werner), Alfred Leuzinger/ open art museum, Léonie Ludovicy, Pauline Lutz, Madame Europe, Madame Tricot, Yves Meier, Pusha Petrov, Carlo Rampazzi, Joan Sallas, Sinnlich Essen (Sabrina Berger, Cajetana Oechslin, Larissa Riesen, Lisa Rubio), Natalia Solo-Mâtine, Sabina Speich, taktik:haptik (Lisa Blaser, Zora Weidkuhn, Nathan Werlen), Tischgesellschaft (Jana Besimo, Valerie Meta Ehrenbold, Lisa Schöpflin).  

Curator: Dr. Alexandra Schüssler

Are you interested in the participating designers and artists or would you like to browse through our cocktail menu and menu at your leisure or read one or two of Uwe Schütte’s texts?

Download the cocktail menu and menu here.

The exhibition is part of the Esswelten project



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