Memories of the Future

12.06.2021 – 22.10.2021

Seven strong fashion statements: creations by students of the STF Swiss Textile College on the Chäserrugg and in the Textile Museum.

Seven striking statements inspire fashion installations that will be presented on the Chäserrugg and in the Textile Museum from 12 June to 24 October 2021. The students’ creations stimulate discourse and reflect the confrontation with questions such as: What unites humanity? How can we keep our planet healthy for future generations? Which craft techniques will shape the future?

Seven of the installations are spread across the Chäserrugg area close to nature. They can be visited together or individually. A separate hiking map provides background information, inspires, invites visitors to linger, enjoy nature and reflect on their own actions via their personal “memories of the future”.

A larger station is located in the St.Gallen Textile Museum. Here, in addition to collection pieces on “Memories of the Future”, sketches and documentation on the creative development process by students of the STF are shown. The looks are staged in the lounge of the Textile Museum, where they enter into an exciting dialogue with the historic hand embroidery machine – future meets past.

A combination ticket connects the city with the mountain and inspires visitors to visit all the stops on this textile journey. The hiking ticket for the textile exhibition in the Chäserrugg area is also an admission ticket to the St.Gallen Textile Museum and entitles the holder to attend a course in “Basic Textile Knowledge” at the STF Swiss Textile College in Zurich. The combined ticket can only be purchased online via the TBB ticket shop.

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