Lace and status

The collection of historical lace in the Textilmuseum St. Gallen

The exhibition is devoted to historical lace from the period 1500 to 1800. These exquisite textiles, for many centuries reserved purely for the top classes of society such as the aristocracy and the clergy, originally came into the ownership of the Textilmuseum as models for the booming East Swiss textile industry. Today the museum can boast a lace collection of international standing. Details

26. October 2018 - 10. February 2019

Fabrikanten & Manipulanten

An exhibition on the history of the Eastern Switzerland's textile industry

For English-speaking people, part of the title of the exhibition may strike a chord. Not the first word, which is local dialect and means as much as “threaded” (as in needle), but the second and third words: Fabrikanten will easily be decoded as “manufacturers”, which makes sense, and Manipulanten as “manipulators” – but then who would manipulate what in the textile industry, and quite officially into the bargain? The question is soon answered, for the term – which actually even sounds curious in modern German – used to denote the contractors, without whom the other protagonists of the exhibition, namely the workers, designers, inventors and entrepreneurs, would have found it difficult to operate at all. Details

from 29. April 2017