A Universe of Patterns

Pattern Books in the Industrial Context of the 19th and 20th Century

Together with Lucerne University’s School of Art & Design, the Textilmuseum St. Gallen is planning a workshop on March 9 and 10, 2018 to discuss different aspects of textile pattern books of the 19th and 20th centuries. Analysing these objects provides both opportunities and challenges, which shall be highlighted during the workshop. The Textilmuseum itself owns an impressive collection of these important documents.
We are not only interested in the pattern books’ lives within the museum context but also in their composition, meaning and use within industrialised textile factories of the 19th and 20th centuries. In addition to pattern books compiled by manufacturers themselves, we would like to discuss pattern books that were bought by them, for instance from trend agencies or competitors.


Philip Sykas, Prof. Manchester School of Art; Regina Lee Blaszczyk, Prof. University of Leeds; Birgitt Borkopp-Restle, Prof. Universität Bern; Mary Schoeser, textile historian and curator; Franchina Chiara, textile historian and curator; Denise Ruisinger, doctoral candidate ETH Zurich; Anne Wanner,  textile historian and curator, former curator of the Textilmuseum St. Gallen; Karl Borromäus Murr, Director Textilmuseum Augsburg; Helen Elands, freelance textile historian and curator; Therese Schaltenbrand, curator Sammlung Europäische Ethnologie / Seidenbandsammlung BKSD Basel; Madeleine Girard, Textilsammlung/Seidenbandsammlung BKSD Basel; Dorothee Haffner, Prof. Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin; Silk Memory Project, HSLU Luzern


The two-day conference is aimed at textile historians, economic historians, art historians, museologists and museum staff, restorers, graduates of art colleges, designers, company archivists and other persons interested in the subject. Participation in the event is free; the conference languages ​​are English and French. Registration is required. If you have any questions regarding the content of the meeting, please contact:

Barbara Karl
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In cooperation with Lucerne University’s School of Art & Design


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Friday 9. March 2018, 10:00 Uhr
Saturday 10. March 2018, 10:00 Uhr